Why Your Business Needs A GMB Profile

How Google My Business Listings Impact Your Business

Google My Business was formerly known as Google Places for Business and is designed to offer businesses an opportunity to feature in Google Search Results. Over the years, Google My Business has evolved with several companies choosing to use the Google My Business management software to better improve their feature chances. However, the best thing businesses and business owners love about GMB is that it is free.

Why Your Company Needs A GMB Listing

Google My Business is a feature that allows you to list your business location on Google Maps and other related local search results. Through the use of GMB, you can display some other important information about your business including operation hours, contact phone number and website links, and directions to your business. To better improve the feature, Google has recently enabled a link addition feature which enables business owners add links to their articles or upcoming events.

With the listing being totally free, its advantages should not be underestimated, especially for businesses seeking to expand their online popularity, brand awareness, and overall Return on Investment. For businesses without a physical shop, Google My Business can also serve the function of an online shop and information repository for your business.

Improving Local Visibility

The GMB listing setup process is one of the simplest and most effective ways to set your business up to be found online. With more and more search queries becoming locally and geographically specific, your business can benefit from such listings to further boost brand popularity and awareness.

The Google algorithms have been developed to consider user intent which is also factored into the overall search result presented to the user, especially when searching for a local service of interest.  

Optimizing The Google Local Page

After setting up and claiming your Google My Business page for your business, the next step is to make sure that the GMB page is optimized and all important and relevant data and information are supplied to ensure that you have an effective GMB listing. It is important to include all relevant information as much as possible to help your business appear attractive to the search page user. Be sure to also provide a description for your business so that when your business shows up on the local search results page and your business GMB profile is clicked upon, this information supplied will be made accessible to users to help them physically find your business, thus adding to your customer base.

Adding Google My Business Posts

After supplying all the needed and required information which will help internet users locate your business, you may want to add posts to your GMB account. Adding posts to your GMB account allows you to create new posts containing up to 300 words and images along with event title and more details including the start and end date of such event.

The post section also allows you to add a call-to action with a variety of button choices to choose from including the ‘Learn More’, ‘Reserve’, ‘Get offer’, Sign Up’ and more.

The GMB posts allow you to promote your business and events, which may also prove important in wooing customers to your business for improved patronage.

But getting all of those posts created and submitted when you need them most is something that might not fit on your already full plate when it comes to managing your business. To find a better way to take advantage of the Google Posting feature, check out  https://www.localviking.com/manage-gmb-listings


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