What Is Google My Business?

Is GMB Optimization Worth the Effort?

There is so much advice online about SEO. Use the right keywords, get quality backlinks, post on social media, the list goes on and on. There is such a slew of advice that it seems our To-Do lists when it comes to SEO are endless.

Which make businesses wonder what the really important tasks are. And, when something like Google My Business comes along, is it really worth working on it? After all, if you have a website, do you really need this page as well?

In this post, we will look at whether or not Google My Business management is worth the effort or not.

What is a GMB Page?

Think of it like a business listing page, but one that covers every platform that Google offers. It’s a central location for all the information that Google knows about your business, from results in search engines to content and reviews.

It has a range of other features as well – like an appointment booking facility, etc.

Why You Should Care About Google My Business

It’s free, it allows you to control the information online about your business and it could help you rate better on Google. Need more info about the benefits?

Get the Right Information Online

A lot of apps draw information about your business directly from Google. The more accurate the information that they can glean, the better for your company. The best place to update this information is on your GMB page.

That way, no one has to “guess” about anything, from the phone number or hours that you are open for. If you don’t complete this information, Google is going to try and do it for you. They may draw on outdated information to accomplish this.

Also, with the GMB pages, anyone can edit them. If you don’t fill in the information, someone else might, including your competitors.

Better Visibility for Your Business

By completing your profile in full, you increase the chances of being featured in the top results both on Google and on third-party sites.

You also have the opportunity to define the category your business falls under, ensuring that you get into search results that are more relevant to your business.

Making a Good Impression Online Through GMB Management Tactics

Want to show off your business to its fullest? Want to highlight your top-selling product? Google allows you to upload photos or videos, meaning that you can use striking images to catch a web user’s attention.


Get Insights

Perhaps the most valuable feature is that you get insights on how people have come to see your entry. You will know what’s working for you and what isn’t, meaning that your campaigns will improve in their effectiveness.

Create Posts

Imagine if you could have that amazing sale that you are having appear in search results. The Posts feature makes that a real possibility. But don’t just stop there. Why not post an article that people will find helpful and so use it as a brand-building experience as well.

Bookings Straight from Google

You will need scheduling software that will work in conjunction with this feature. But think of the potential benefits. People don’t have to take the extra step of calling for an appointment, they can just set it up online.

Managing Your Reviews

Reviews of your business can be left whether you have claimed your My Business page or not. If you do claim your page, at least you have the opportunity to make a conversation out of the reviews. So, if someone has left a bad review, you get a chance to make up for it.

On the other hand, if someone leaves a good review, you get a chance to thank them and build the relationship further.

Finding The Right Management Solutions

Managing your listing, especially when it comes to the posts, can take some time. And there are a lot of better ways to spend your time when it comes to the SEO for your site and GMB listing. There are an awful lot of advantages to claiming and maintaining your page. It can mean more work but what better way to get Google to rank you higher than using the service that they provide you themselves? Need more Information? Check us out at https://www.localviking.com/.


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