Using Photos For Google My Business

Just How Important Are Photos For Your GMB Listing?

Most businesses seeking to make use of the internet to promote their goods and services have come to understand the importance of Google My Business as part of the tools which are essential in boosting their business visibility and ensuring that their business remains relevant to the local audience. Through mobile GMB Management services, companies have been able to improve their conversion ratio and also drive more customers to their physical locations for patronage; all while juggling other management aspects of their businesses. Mobile management services allow users to manage and post for their GMB listings right from their phone, so that they can always get the latest offers and info to their clients.

When it comes to competing for clients as a local business, one of the factors that can really push you over the competition is photos. Adding photos to your GMB listing, particularly if you are in an industry such as real estate or dining, can have a major impact on your number of clients and your levels of engagement. Using and optimizing images in Google My Business is a highly underrated feature that not enough businesses are taking advantage of. Google, like your clients, understands that images give a better impression of your business than written info and even client testimonials. Images show that your business is legitimate as well.

Using Images in Google My Business

Updating the images on your Google My Business profile can be done by visiting https://business.google.com and choosing the appropriate photo from the ‘photos’ tab.

To ensure that you make the best use of your GMB page, you need to ensure that your listing contains at the very least these three items: A profile photo, a cover photo, and a business logo.

Your Google My Business page should ideally contain at least 5 images showing the products, service, team, or business location/premises.

Images on the GMB page are classified into the following categories:

  • By owner
  • By customer
  • At work
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Product
  • Team
  • Identity (which may be in the form of branding, logo or more)

As a retail store owner, a great way to use photos to promote your ranking is by taking some photos from the front of your office building, photos of the owner and the staff team, and a ton of photos of your products. Prospective customers love to get an idea of what you offer and whether or not it is what they are looking for, before ever setting foot in your store.

Do I Really Need Photos?

Claiming that you don’t have photos for your business or that you are unable to take relevant photos is often an excuse for not wanting to do the footwork. Even if you are only taking photos of the exterior of your business and a few staff members, you are still doing a world of good for your brand. Adding photos, including your logo and any social account banners, to your GMB listing helps to improve the way that Google sees your business and your brand. So while some businesses might be taking interesting photos specifically for their clients, others might fill out their photo folders with tagged and optimized photos strictly for the SEO and search engine benefits.

What If I Don’t Have Photos For My Business?

When looking for an easy way out in the event your business claims not to have any photos to show off, a quick and easy fix will be to download and make use of stock photos or photos from the web.

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