Taking Advantage of Google Posting Features For Your Business

The Benefits of Google Posting For Businesses

The Google posting feature was introduced to Google Business Profile as a means to help businesses connect better with their audience. The feature allows business owners to make announcements about deals, special offers, new products, and services, promote upcoming events, and more. Businesses that wish to enjoy improved visibility and engagement can use this feature to their advantage and this can boost their ranking for local search queries. While Google posting is an effective way to connect, many business owners and webmasters are yet to crack the code to actively use this feature.

Google Posting – Frequency and Benefits

While Google posting can contribute to your local search ranking, you cannot expect it to work magic and throw your listing to the first slot after one or two posts. Consistency is key when you desire the right results from this feature. Posting regularly can help to drive engagement with your target audience and this can inform Google’s decision to rank you better. To crack the engagement code, you need to first determine what your consumers like and what they are more likely to engage with.

Early Adopter Attention

Those who embrace new technology early usually have an advantage over others. Not only do they get to study and enjoy the benefits of the new technology but they stand a chance of building authority faster and with less competition. Getting on the Google posting feature as an early adopter can introduce something new to your audience and can drive their willingness to engage with your brand. From your engagement, you can learn more about your target audience and what appeals to them. This information can help to shape your customer interaction and can increase customer confidence in your brand.

Improve Authenticity

Google has a preference for authentic content. With the Google Posting feature, you stand a chance to offer both Google and your audience some authentic information, news, or media files. All of these can drive engagement and improve your brand’s authenticity. In fact, you can use the Google Post feature to demystify your brand or business and add the human touch to it.

Personal Touch

Consumers love a brand that they can relate to. This new feature can be your gateway to creating a personal touch to your business. With the Google posting feature, you can now put a human face to your company and lower the guards to allow more prospective customers to relate with you and your brand. Adding a face and human touch to your business can showcase your company in a different light.

Generate Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is an important part of your business. With a high engagement rate, you can expect your audience to visit your website to learn more about your business and how they can benefit from the deals or announcements you have made. With increased organic traffic, you can increase your conversion rate and generate more income for your business.

Trigger Backlinks

Backlinks are great for SEO purposes. Backlinks help you to generate a website, niche, and topical authority. When your Google posting is done right, you can use it as a means to generate backlinks to your website.

Automated Posting

Posting on your Google listing every day, week, or at set, intervals can be boring and demanding. However, creating a schedule and sticking to it works great for SEO purposes. Rankclimber offers a solution that allows you to schedule your posts to be published at the desired time. Learn more about our automated Google Business Profile posting services by visiting our knowledge base.

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