The Importance of Review Generation

A few years ago, many businesses relied on word of mouth as one of the trusted methods of generating new clients. Businesses believed their customers would recommend them to others if they delivered quality services – and it worked for the longest possible time.

However, in the modern-day business world, more consumers are using the internet to make inquiries and searches. This means that these searchers are more likely to make decisions based on the reviews and recommendations of other customers online.

Reviews play an important role in the success of businesses today. As the digital age continues to evolve, its impact on how consumers make decisions cannot be understated.

There have been many kinds of research into how much reviews affect consumer choices and decisions and a general consensus seems to stand between 82 and 97%. This means that as many as 82% of customers online read reviews before making a decision, whether to call a business or to buy a product.

With reviews, you stand a real chance of changing the tides of your business’ engagement. Considering the overwhelming numbers, the effect of reviews on consumers’ decisions cannot be neglected. A Harvard Business Review study into reviews and reputation management found that businesses enjoy a 5 to 9% increase in revenue with each one-star rating increase. The  result of this research, when compared side by side with the result of the research about reviews and consumer reaction, buttresses the need for businesses to pay more attention to this area.

Online reviews offer more than increased leads and revenue, they also positively impact your SEO standing. Reviews and ratings play an important role in how search engines see and rank your business for specific search terms. These points offer any SEO agency a perfect way to convince its clients of the need for review and reputation management.

Getting a review for a business may be as simple as asking clients to leave a review at the end of a successful job or project. However, it doesn’t end there, your business’ response to those reviews also matters. New clients may feel more confident choosing your brand when they notice how well you engage your existing clients and their reviews of your product or services.

In summary:

  • Reviews are undeniably influential.
  • Reviews can affect your revenue and financial bottom line.
  • Reviews can contribute to your SEO and improve visibility in search engine results.

 What’s next?


The undeniable impact of review generation and reputation management services on a business has encouraged more businesses to be open to investing in these services. However, the prices charged by many agencies to deliver such services are the top discouraging factor.

Rankclimber takes a different and proven approach to handle this challenge by pricing these services at affordable rates. Priced at a small fraction of what others charge, Rankclimber is positioned to appeal to agencies and independent agents while offering high-quality services.

Agencies and independent agents can now incorporate review generation and reputation management services in their list of offerings to propel their clients to a higher position on SERPs. They do this at a fractional cost that improves their bottom line and also delivers results to their clients. With Rankclimber’s white label services, agencies and independent agencies can outsource this service while taking all the credit for the work done.

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