Schedule, Interlink, and Syndicate Your GBP Posts

Schedulable, bulk posting.

Why Automate Your GBP Posting?

By scheduling posts, you can ensure that your Google Business Profile properties always have fresh content on them and increase the visibility of your business to your clients.

Enterprise GBP Management

Connect all of your Google Business Profile Gmail accounts and manage all of your GBP properties from one dashboard. Our GMB posting software works with accounts managing hundreds of GBPs.

Google Business Profile Post Scheduling – simple GBP management

Automate Posting

Fresh Content

Bulk Posting

Upload posts in bulk via CSV or directly from your Rankclimber dashboard.

Schedule an unlimited number of posts within the same time frame.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Schedule GBP Posts In The Future?

The GBP dashboard doesn’t allow you to schedule GBP posts but the Rankclimber GBP Management platform allows for posts to be scheduled for any of your listings.

How Long Should My GBP Post Be?

You have a maximum of 1500 characters for your Google Business Profile post. The ideal length for your post would be somewhere between 300 and 900 characters.

Does Posting On My GBP Increase My Listing's Ranking?

There are several actions such as posting that you can take to your GBP listing to help boost its ranking, although just doing one of these actions on its own usually won’t achieve much success.

What Types of GBP Posts Can I Use?

There are 3 types of General Business Posts: standard, event, and offer. A standard post is used for communicating updates or generic information about your business while offers and events are specialized for commercial deals or business events. 

How Big Should My Images Be For My GBP Posts?

Google has a minimum resolution size of 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels tall for GBP posts in PNG or JPG format.

Can GBP Posts Automatically Recur?

The Google Business Profile dashboard has no way to automatically repost GBP posts but the Rankclimber GBP posting scheduler can automatically recur any of your GBP posts for you.