Private Instance Developments

Rankclimber is committed to bringing the latest updates to users on private instances. As it stands, we have three camps of users – those who have been successfully onboarded, those who have encountered bureaucratic snags and technical obstacles preventing them from onboarding, and those who are yet to apply for their private instances. Each of these camps is important to us and we remain available to work with users across the camps to ensure successful outcomes.

Google Business Profile has put a hold on the API access application. As of present, there is a notice on the GBP page informing visitors that they won’t be able to apply until August 2, 2021. The halt in the application process is the number one issue facing a lot of users.

The halt in the application process is beyond us at Rankclimber and if your application is pending, all you can do is to wait. While the process of applying for an API isn’t necessarily the most fun thing to engage in, the payoff is worth it. In light of this, it is recommended that you wait things out until approval emails are sent.

Rankclimber has received a number of positive feedbacks from users who are already enjoying the many benefits of private instances. We are glad that you enjoy the sense of ownership that comes with having a Rankclimber on your website, with your logo, your clients, and all other interesting attributes.

Two of our users have described the experience as interesting. These two independent customers have fully set up their private instances and are enjoying the advantages of the platform. More clients are welcome to solidify confidence in their brand and agency by flashing the homegrown platform to gain more relevance and confidence.

You can now show someone your own system of rank tracking, reporting, and post scheduling whether in-person or when on your next Zoom call. You can also leverage the GeoGrid search results to get talking points. Many of our users have admitted to the striking nature of the feature.

Google Business Profile API Issues

There is a small population of users who have been given their Google Business Profile API access but aren’t yet firing on all cylinders. A common issue we are addressing is of those whose locations are not populating in their accounts properly. We are on top of this.

Trouble Connecting To GBP API

Another common problem affecting a number of people with API access is trouble connecting their API to their Rankclimber accounts. Our support team is actively working on this and we have implemented a test you can run to determine whether you are affected by this problem. Proceed to check your white label configuration, look for an arrow similar to a refresh button and click on it. We will send a test call to your API to see the response provided. You can expect a response message after this action has been completed.

Error Codes

Two common error codes users are experiencing are the 403 and 404 error codes. The 403 error means you haven’t enabled the API for your project. There’s a direct link that’ll take you to the page where appropriate fixes can be made. The 404 error means you’ve enabled the Google Business Profile at your account level instead of the project level.

Quick Note

Rankclimber does not give out instructions or guidelines that do not work. We pay attention to ensure that all steps we provide are detailed, so there aren’t any missing steps. If you find anything unclear, contact support.

Why Do You Need API Access

Gaining API access and connecting it to your website is the digital equivalent of building something with your hands, you can expect the rare feeling of satisfaction at the end of it. Rankclimber, like everyone else, is awaiting August 2, 2021, when we can apply for a new Google Business Profile API. Ahead of that, we have the software working and ready for use. All of your details, account information, and settings remain stored and backed up.

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