Manage all of your GBP Listings In One Place

Schedule Posts, See Insights, Track Rankings.

View GBP Insights

You can view Google Business Profile insights across all of your Google Accounts directly from your Rankclimber dashboard.

Edit Location Data

Quickly and easily update your location data across all of your accounts.

Manage Posts

Create any GBP post type via your dashboard, or bulk upload posts via CSV.

Easily Manage Your Google Business Profile properties. Whether you have 1 property or 10,000 GBP properties, Rankclimber has Everything you need in one dashboard.

Manage As Many Google Accounts As You Need Under One Roof using our new GMB management software.

1. Authenticate Your Google Account

2. Choose which locations you want to sync.

3. Manage location information, posts and organic rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Listings Can Be Managed In The Software?

We can accommodate up to 70 listings on our public plans, and enterprise customers manage up to 7500 listings on tailor-made plans.

Do You Offer GBP Management Services?

Yes, we offer GBP management services through our team at Rankclimber.

What Functionality Does Rankclimber Automate and Help Agencies and Small Businesses Manage?

GBP post scheduling, listing attribute changes, GBP profile reviews, GBP Q&A’s and GBP image upload scheduling.

Is The GBP Management Software Functionality Google Approved?

Yes, we are an approved Google Business Profile API vendor and all of our functionality adheres to the Terms Of Service.

Does Rankclimber Build Or Manage Citations For My Listings?

No, we currently don’t work with citations in any capacity.

Is It Safe To Make Updates To My GBP Listing Through Rankclimber?

Making changes to a GBP listing through the API is safer than making the same changes via the GBP dashboard itself.