Maps and local rank tracking, done right

Track how your location ranks over time.


Monitor how your location ranks in Google Maps

Schedule keyword refreshes at regular intervals bidaily, weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Historical Rankings

Enter any non service-area business and a keyword and see how the location ranks across the grid.

Maps & Organic Tracking

Track your GBP listing and website in both the maps and organic search results.

Multi Device Checking

You can access your ranking from both Mobile & Desktop

Live Check

Click to see the results of location specific results directly from your dashboard on your browser.

And track where your website shows up in search on both desktop and Mobile

Simple Design

It takes only one view to check the stats of your ranking and other important GBP Location.

GEO Results

Your location data is directly taken from the GBP location.

Credit System

You can track anything you want with the help of flexible credit system.

Creates a smooth and fully integrated Local Rank Tracking solution.

Local Rankings

Map pack rank tracking for your GBP properties and locations.

Organic Rankings

Your GBP website's organic Google position can be tracked for any SERP.

Integrated Dashboard

The dashboard is unified and simple to navigate allowing you to rank tracking for each location that is shown.

Mobile & Desktop Tracking

Mobile & desktop rank tracking for organic Google SERP tracking.

Location-Based Targeting

We automatically pull the latitude and longitude from your GBP to center searches around.

Manual Spot Check

Links directly in your dashboard to manually click and inspect local search results.

GeoGrid Tracking

GeoGrid tracking lets you compare your location's ranking to those around you from multiple coordinates.

Rank Tracking

Our 'traditional' rank tracker works off of the credit system and is separate functionality to the GeoGrid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Track My Rankings?

Rankclimber includes local rank tracker(s) for organic rankings for both desktop and mobile in the Local SERPs as well as organic rankings in the Google Map Pack.

What Is Rank Tracking Software?

Rank tracking software helps you track where your listing or website shows up in the Google Search Engine (or other search engines) for a particular keyword or phrase over a period of time.

How Often Does the Rank Tracking Data Refresh?

We offer three different options for rank tracking data refresh rates: bidaily, weekly, biweekly and monthly.

How Accurate Is Rank Tracking Software?

Tracking local ranks in Google is a bit of a mess these days. The algorithm that determines a site’s or listing’s placement in Google’s search results is a complicated one, and one that varies by individual searchers due to different factors. We recommend using both local rank tracking software and a more complex rank tracker like GeoGrid.

How Often Do Google Ranks Update Or Fluctuate?

Google makes thousands of updates per year to its search algorithm, which may cause websites to rise or fall in rankings. Some changes you make to your website can lead to ranking changes within a day; other changes may take weeks or months.

How Does Rank Tracking Credit Work?

Our rank tracking credit system keeps track of how often you pull data and how many data points you need. A single keyword checking all three search types once a month would take 3 credits per month.

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