Using Google Posts for your Business

Leveraging The Google Business Profile Posting Feature For Your Company

Google has a duty to its users, to bring the very best experience to them. This duty also extends to business owners who are using the platform. In one of its updates, Google announced the Google Posts feature which will allow business owners who are interested in driving engagement and search rankings to achieve their aim while also serving users. The feature is aimed at pushing engagement and informing users. From the business owner’s perspective, there’s much to understand about Google posts and how it affects your business and its search ranking.

What are GBP Posts? 

Google Business Profile posts allow business owners who have claimed and verified their listing to post texts and images on their listing. The added photos and texts will appear to users when related terms are searched on Google. Small business owners, especially those who do not have a website or social media presence, can take advantage of this post feature to update their customers with information like events, special discount offers, sales, etc.

Getting Started with GBP Posting

To make a post in your GBP listing, you need to first ensure that you are logged into your GBP account on mobile or desktop. The GBP app for mobile can be downloaded to ensure easy access to your business listing. With the mobile app, you can also make text or image posts on the go.

The Google Post feature allows you to add as many as 300 characters which can be marked as an event. You can also add the date and time of the event and how long the event will go on. So, if you have a 7-day sale, you can set the expiry date on your sales post to the last day of the event.

Keeping track of the information that’ll go into your Google posts can be hard, especially when you’re neck-deep into the administrative duties of your business. Rankclimber offers a simple and seamless approach that allows you to add and schedule posts across multiple locations. With this software solution, you can effectively manage your Google posting and keep your consumers engaged while focusing on other important aspects of your business.

How do Google Posts Benefit My Business?

Businesses stand a chance of enjoying a wide range of benefits when they invest in Google posting. Not only does the feature offer them a platform to share promotional content but it also gives them a chance to keep their customers engaged. Some of the common and undeniable benefits of Google Posts include:

  • Businesses can use it as a medium to promote flash sales and other promotional events
  • Businesses can share emergency information and updates, including changes in operational hours, changes in logistics, inclement weather warnings, and others with their customers. This keeps the customers abreast of the latest developments with the business.
  • Clients and customers can easily book an appointment or schedule a reservation with the business without having to place a call.
  • Businesses can also present customers with visually appealing media that can impact customer decisions.
  • Businesses can share job openings for recruitment purposes.

Tracking Post Engagements

Knowing how well your Google Posts perform can help in determining what your audience wants. Tracking is a great way to stay on top of your approach to Google posts and can be done via Google reports. Each Google report offers you the details of your Google posts, including the number of views, coupon codes, URL Tagging, and more. Using coupon codes can also be a great way to track the success of your Google posts and how your posts may have influenced consumer decisions.


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